30 Days To Thin – Hot Weight Loss Offer

But before I begin, take a deep breath and take some time to…

30daythin questionFeel what it will be like to lose more than 38.5 pounds in 1 month… looking at your sexy, slim, happy new you in the mirror!

30daythin questionFeel what it will be like to wear bikini, look gorgeous, and show off that sexy body at a beach!

30daythin questionThink what it feels like to walk into a room knowing that people will naturally come and talk to you because you exude confidence!

30daythin questionImagine how hot and sexy you look compared to your old photographs…Wouldn’t it feel good?

30daythin questionThink how confidently you’ll carry yourself in front of your friends and family, reflecting the new slim, thin, and sexy you!

How did I do it? Well, a lot of what really worked for me is things you probably won’t read about in the magazines or mainstream weight loss programs, and I know these things can work for you too!

I am not a naturally lean and thin girl; in fact, I was downright obese for many years. My parents didn’t care and kept on assuring me that I was beautiful the way I looked. I used to avoid parties just because I didn’t want to get any negative attention. At times, I literally used to feel like closing myself in a room and secluding myself from the world. Forget about going for a date…I simply got NO ATTENTION from boys.

You see, I had been obese and self conscious about my weight for a long time. Not only did it become a problem in my daily activities – my job, my social life and even my personal life, but it felt like a chronic disease.

Worst of all, I reached a stage where I was so frustrated that I started reading every book on the library bookshelf on dieting and weight loss. I tried almost every over-the-counter diet pill I found, went for low carb, low fat diets, and even hit my credit card limit for an expensive personal trainer…only to find that a pound lost is followed by a two pound gain…The sticky, stubborn, annoying weight always came back!

I know you can relate to what I was feeling.

That was the low points of my life – I lacked confidence and self-esteem thinking that, things couldn’t get any worse than this.

One day I was just flipping through the pages of a magazine until I read an interview with Angelina Jolie. Oh my god! My eyes were shot open and I was inspired with the way she carries herself. I went crazy for days, reflecting on what was wrong with me? Why can’t I be like her? I started writing down the things I did to gain this weight. For the first time in my life, I had to shamelessly accept that I had been wrong all my life. Here is what I scribbled down:

My motto in life has always been “Live to Eat.”In the morning, I think I’ll go on a diet, lose weight, but I end up hogging on my favorite dish at the end and feel I have gained more than what I should have lost.I find it difficult to control what I eat, how I eat, and when I eat!I blamed my diet more than myself even when I know I am the reason for the weight gain albeit I had a perception that I am doing my best to lose weight.

Well I’ve had enough! I decided that I was going to change my life and that I would do whatever it took. I wanted to be the HOT BODY CHICK around the guys who used to refrain from approaching me.

And then, I had a stroke of LUCK. After my graduation, I joined Fashion One Television network as a TV Producer Intern. This was not only great professionally but it was an eye opening revelation for me in my weight loss journey.

The first time I stepped into their Los Angeles office, I was shocked to see the ladies there – they were stunning! They were what I wanted to be! They were perfectly toned, had perfectly shaped sexy legs, curved buttocks, and amazing figures – they were a complete package. A girl like me could give anything to be like them! Quite honestly, I was fuming seeing them!

Being around these ladies made me think “Why not me?” Not only were they downright sexy, they had a positive attitude, the right confidence, and a brilliance on their face that would make them stand out from the crowd. I have to admit, I was jealous.

Every Fashion week, I used to ask them about their diet. “What do you eat, What do you drink, What do you do for such a sexy body? WHAT, WHERE, WHEN were on my top checklist! I made it priority to extract their “secrets”, and working around them for four months allowed me to learn a lot.

I learned about things from these girls that you don’t find in magazines or weight loss books. I doubt if this will be even known to a personal trainer. The results? I was spell bounded. After struggling with weight my entire life, I finally found something that seemed to work.

The great thing is that unlike my past experience, I learned how to keep the unwanted fat away for good as well. I decided to turn this into my passion. “I will not be convinced merely by 38.5 pounds” became my motto.

I forgot about my interest as a TV Producer! All I wanted to do was…

30 days to thinNow that I had a baseline, I started doing extensive research during my fat loss days and documenting all the methods that were working. And here’s what came as a surprise to me: These models never did took diet pills or had personal trainers!

They never spent too much time exercising. They never went for extreme starvation. As a matter of fact, some of them used to munch on food throughout the day at regular intervals. This is totally opposite of what I have been told to lose weight. It’s hard to believe that these models are so slim and sexy yet maintain such a lifestyle. I thought it was their metabolism. Maybe, they were born that way? Maybe, their fat burns faster than they breathe?. That was the only answer, right?. But come on! I was fooling myself, there had to be a method to their sexy bodied success.

I took the liberty to ask all the models I came into contact with their secrets. I wanted to know their diets, their regimens, I wanted to know how they kept such perfect bodies.

After months of learning their secrets and including the same in my lifestyle, I was absolutely bowled over. I mean, shocked. How did I manage it? Well, first I accepted a bitter truth that hardly anyone knows. Only a celebrity or a model can share something like this about losing weight. It is so surprising that it will blow your mind:

That may come as a total shock to you. As a matter of fact, this is totally opposite of what you think a model would say.

I’m going to cut the long story short here…

After implementing these techniques once only reserved for celebrities and models I am a different person! Not only do I have a wardrobe full of the most gorgeous clothes, I have a slim and sexy body. And guess what, I am 32 and my body is way hotter than most of the the models I met during my employment at Fashion One TV.

Since the time I had my “Thinspirational” body transformation, people of all shapes and sizes have approached me for years as an expert fat loss consultant. Whether it was more than 50 pounds or that sticky last 20 pounds of fat, I have an unquestionable 85% weight loss success rate with my clients.

Here is what my methods are NOT:

A guide to go on diet supplements or pills, which have no results – zero, zilch, nadda!

This has nothing to do with liposuction or any surgery that can be fatal for your body!

This doesn’t involve flirting with the gym machines and spending your day struggling on the treadmill!

And most importantly – You Will Not Go Hungry!

Hang on with me for a minute because what I am going to share will help you get the oomph factor and a quick skinny transformation.

Avoid going for conventional means of weight loss. To get the body you’ve always wanted, you have to stick to unconventional yet highly effective ways to lose weight. If you have grown tired of diet plans that never seem to work, it’s time to smarten up. The fact is that fat does not play by the rules. Nor should you. As the rest of the world turns green with envy seeing their favorite celebrities flaunt their fabulous figures months after giving birth, you too can show off that highly coveted skinny body. Whether you need to lose a few pounds or several dozens, you don’t have to confine yourself on the sidelines when you too can achieve a runway-worthy body.Regular diet plans do not work. As per National Institute of Health, you can expect regaining 2/3rd of your lost weight within a year of completing a regular diet plan. You can also expect to regain all the weight, and possibly more, within 5 years. That’s precisely what had been happening with me when I first started trying mainstream diet plans.Over half of the claims made on weight loss are false. Yes, that’s right! You have to understand that the diet industry is lucrative with people like me and you as the potential customers. As per a study by Federal Trade Commission in 2002, 55% of all weight loss claims had a shady credibility. It has been years since the study and things have only gotten worse.And Finally, You are not alone! That’s right! According to the World Health Organization, 1 billion of the world’s inhabitants are overweight. And It’s NOT YOUR FAULT. Weight loss is like an epidemic caused mainly due to increasing consumption of processed foods high in calories and lack of physical activity.You have my commitment that this is going to be the most fun you have had loosing weight once you feel your body start to transform into a “new you”.

Recently, I decided to spread what I have been teaching many others with a book I wrote that uncovers significant new ‘discoveries’ about celebrity weight loss while walking you step-by-step towards a new transformation. I decided to put it into PDF e-book format so that I could save the expense of printing and shipping and pass the saving on to you.

Many self-proclaimed fitness experts have claimed to have mastered the secret recipe of losing weight. Most of these claims have strained credibility. Many ‘gurus’ will also ask you to go on Pro Ana or Mia diets. Unless you want to harm your body, avoid them like the plague!

According to the 2011 statistics published by National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, most anorexics are young women out of which 60% of all anorexics fully recover from Anorexia, 20% partially recover, and 2.3% die while seeking treatment. Moreover, almost 50% of people with eating disorders suffer from severe depression.

I know it is hard to resist such claims, but stay away from anything that harms your body!

This is the exact reason why I am here! I never took anything – no magic pills, starvation diets, powders, potions, DVD systems, Ana and Mia and the list goes on and on. And neither should you! I have been very diligent while writing my book; in fact, I have ensured that every piece of advice is up-to-date, tried, and tested. Most importantly, it is 100% SAFE! Which means you can lose weight without worrying whether this is right or wrong.

So, if you’ve had enough of that stubborn fat, boring weight loss exercise, diet pills and are overwhelmed with too much information, and are scared of trying something new which may harm your body, I have the answer.

Everything in my book is simple, concise, and clear and has been logically written for each body type while ensuring everything recommended is 100% safe. I have even gone the extra mile to document what is recommended and what is not recommended if you are suffering from any medical problem.

30 day thin checkWho knew you could lose weight with Juice? Page 25-38 reveals how to lose 38.5 pounds in just 1 month with a juice diet.

30 day thin checkPage 24-71, reveals 20 yummy recipes that will help you lose weight without starving.

30 day thin checkBased on a TV reality show, the Biggest Loser Diet on Page 72 will help you shed 17-25 pounds a week!

30 day thin checkPage 73 will give you recipes to help you whittle your body to your desired weight and size.

30 day thin checkPage 92 will tell you about exercises to make you slim without befriending that treadmill.

30 day thin checkThe most awaited, Page 100 will unveil the Celebrity Success Secrets! Hear from the horses own mouth – The secrets of 15+ famous celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes, Julia Roberts, Kate Middleton, Anne Hathway, Megan Fox, and many more.

30 day thin checkPage 119 talks about you! Yes, the Instant Skinny You – secrets for your quick transformation!

Instant Download eBook – Even At 2am!

Caron Stace, Texas

When I started reading Christina’s book in April, I weighed 186 lbs and my waist was 45 inches. Now at the end of May (6 Weeks later), I have lost a whopping 37 lbs and my waist is now 33 inches, thanks to Christina’s juice fasting diet.

For the first the time have I been able to follow something, which really works! I’m down 12 inches in 6 weeks! My husband is amazed to see me and has encouraged me to follow this guide to the end.

Donna Sweeney, Miami

I feel like a new woman. I just bought a sexy bikini yesterday and am looking forward to go to Miami Beach with my boyfriend for the first time after so many years!

The way I carry myself has improved drastically thanks to your 5 factor diet.Your book has given me a way to prove myself – that I can be as sexy as those models in the television. I have started now and no one can stop me!

Thank you, Christina for making my life awesome!

Lila Carnie, Australia

I have shed all my skepticism because this really works!I have lost 6 lbs in just 3 days!

Your diet works wonders! For snacks, I have smoothies. I am fully confident of not only following this for life but will tell my best friend, Rachel all about it.

To anyone who is reading this and wondering if this is one of those programs think again! I’ll send some before and after pics soon!

Christina, Thank you once again for making me love myself again!

Donna Castaneda, Arizona

My husband usually travels out of the country for business. I wanted to give him a surprise on his 30th Birthday.

Thanks to 30 days to Thin, I have lost 35 lbs in no time. I doubt my hubby will be able to recognize me as I will be wearing the dress he gifted to me 7 years back!

All thanks to you, Christina you have added spice to my life.

Now here’s what’s really great: I didn’t have to wait more than a minute to get Christina’s revolutionary “30 days to thin”. In fact it was delivered within seconds. Nothing was shipped and I had instant access to the entire program in about 30 seconds. How cool is that?

If you order by/*Current date script credit: JavaScript Kit (www.javascriptkit.com)Over 200+ free scripts here!*/var mydate=new Date()var year=mydate.getYear()if (year you will also get these 3 FREE BONUSES along with the 30 Days To Thin eBook.

Bonus #1 : How to Get Skinny Legs in 14 Days (Worth $27)

When you order 30 Days To Thin, you will also get “How to get Skinny Legs in 14 days!” The most effective guide to getting slim and sexy legs using strange Pro Ana methods that most celebrities use to get thin legs!Skinny Legs in 14 Days

You will find out:

30daythin questionWhat foods you should avoid and what foods burns fat (page 10)!

30daythin questionWhat Type of exercises you need to lose weight from the legs only (page 11)!

30daythin questionPro Ana Tips and methods to develop Sexy and Slim Legs (page 17-21)!

Bonus #2 : How to Get Thin Thighs 14 Days (Worth $19)

You will also get “How to get Thin Thighs in 14 days!” You think nothing can be done about cellulite and stubborn saddlebags? A proven formula that all Pro Ana celebrities use to iron out the creases!

How to get Thin Thighs

You will find out:

30daythin question6 Thigh Fat Burning Foods (page 6-8)

30daythin questionBox Step To Leg Training Methods (page 10)

30daythin questionPro Ana Tips to Sexy Thighs (page 19)

Bonus #3 : 30 Days To Thin Weight Loss Calculator For Windows (Worth $147)

Plus you’ll get the “30 Days To Thin Weight Loss Calculator!” Ever wanted to track your progress of weight loss when on a diet?

This software will calculate everything and will let you know how much calories you can eat each day to achieve the desired weight in a time frame selected by you! This software will only run on a Windows PC.

30 Days to thin Calculator

With The 30 Days To Thin Weight Loss Calculator you will be able to:

30daythin question Calculate exactly how many days it will take you to reach your target weight!! (And you can choose the starting date)

30daythin question Calculate exactly how many calories you can eat every day to arrive at the big event with the desired weight!!

30daythin questionFigure out exactly what day to start your diet on to lose your weight on schedule, and determine exactly how many calories YOU personally burn each day! 

30daythin questionSee how your exercise routine helps your weight loss goal (and figure out the best exercise that works for you body type)

30daythin questionTrack your weight loss progress per day and easy to integrate with 30 Days To Thin Plan the only Pro Ana Book that makes you lose pounds every day!

Bonus #4 : 30 Days Workout Chart

You’ll get the BRAND NEW “30 Days To Thin Workout Chart” that explains exactly what to do and on which day, so you never forget your workout routine again! This was created exclusively for the 30 Days To Thin program and it’s yours absolutely FREE just for trying out my eBook!

workout chart 30 days

Download the new 30 Days To Thin eBook and all the special bonuses now and learn how to be Thinspired, the healthy way today and for the rest of your life. I am sure that this guide can help you lose at least 35 pounds in 30 days if you follow it correctly. Even then I am giving you full 60 days to try it out and see if it helps you to lose weight. If it doesn’t, you get your money back!

Instant Download eBook + Bonuses – Even At 2am!

30 days thin bonus

buy 30 days to thin

Ok! Sounds Good. So What’s The Catch?

Take all that time you have spent in endless diet plans, magic pills, exercises and put that in enjoying your new life. Wear that sexy dress, see the world, go to beaches, be the new party attraction, make new friends, fall in love – you deserve all that.

Without taking too much of your time, I can assure you that the cost for this package is tiny. How tiny? Well, let us do some math.

If you are just starting on your weight loss journey you will have to spend thousands of dollars hunting down the right weight loss plan, hiring the right nutritionist, the right personal trainer, and most importantly, you will be taking pain of spending extra hours discovering tricks professionals don’t even know about. I have personally spent more than $10,000 over the years on weight loss products, which turned out to be a commercial junk. And not to mention, hundreds of hours in the library researching on what will work for me.

Do you have that kind of time and money? A few years back, I discovered a personal trainer who is known to train celebrities. I really thought it would work for me if it has worked for several others. Do you know what the cost of this decision was? A whopping $80.00 per hour session with three sessions a week that comes to $11,520 a year. If you are staying in a big city, you might even shell out more. Does that make sense?

And don’t even let me get started with nutritionists as saying they charge even more than a personal trainer is an understatement. And they will encourage you to buy diet pills, powders, potions which don’t work…NO THANK YOU!

All the information I have jam packed into my ’30 Days To Thin’ eBook and bonus guides would normally cost you more than $210 when purchased individually at retail price. Today, you just pay just $37!

Can you believe it? You get it all for $37. If you think about that in terms of getting the body you want in 4 weeks, this comes out to only $1.42 per day. Come on now, even your morning coffee or tea costs more than that!

When you download your personal copy of 30 Days To Thin, you will want to dive right into my “Juice Weight Loss Diet” section that starts on page 49. You will start to feel more energy and see the fat start burning off super-fast.  After that, you will begin to notice that a lot of your normal food cravings seem to vanish.

That’s an amazing feeling, let me tell you. It will keep you right on target as you finally start seeing the stubborn flab you have been wanting in the bathroom mirror, in no time.

Think about it: no more flab over the belt, no more hiding underneath those “fashion” clothes, you know, the ones that hide body fat. Let’s face it guys, whoever came up with the old saying “the clothes make the woman” was probably a fat tailor. Sure, clothes are great, but you’ll be wearing (or not wearing) whatever you want to wear 4 weeks from now. That’s great.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can demand a full refund, no questions asked! Lose Over 35lbs In 30 Days Or Your Money Back 100%

I want to make this work for you! In the unlikely event that you are not 100% convinced that 30 Days To Thin has helped you to lose weight…or…If for any reason you feel that the eBook does not meet up to your expectations, I am ready to put everything at risk – my years of research, work, and worship, on the line! You will get refunded in full, no hassles, no hiccups, no questions.

I know this works because I have personally tried and tested this not only on myself but on many others who have come to me for the secrets. I am slim now…for good!

Just click the button below and it’s all yours – every bonus, every trick, every secret to getting a sexy, slim body.

buy 30 days to thin

I’m sure that just like me, you’d love to be thin and feel more confident about your newly transformed body that you can flaunt to the hunks out there. For me, this was certainly worth it!

I really wish and hope you have even more success that many of my clients and I had over the past years in becoming thin, lean, healthy, and sexy! So if you are serious about weight loss…Get 30 Days To Thin NOW and you will instantly have all of these celebrity secrets at your finger tips.

To your success,

christina clark

P.S. Remember, this is an introductory price….the next time you come here, the price might be increased to double AND remember…you get $220 worth of BONUS material for free as well.

P.P.S. And remember you have nothing to lose with my 60 day 100% Guarantee! No Risk, Only Return and weight loss!

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