Cure Diabetes Naturally: By World-renowned Ph.d. In Clinical Nutrition

Cure Diabetes Naturally Cure Diabetes Naturally Are you Struggling to Control Diabetes
with Traditional Medicine? World-Renowned Dr. Jacob Swilling Reveals Ground-Breaking Natural Treatments!
Defeat Diabetes without Pharmaceutical Drugs or Injections.

Now you can take control of diabetes without the need for artificial chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs and injections. All of the methods and approaches in Cure Diabetes Naturally are based on years of clinical research and real world treatment of hundreds of patients.

Normalize your blood sugar with natural and holistic approaches that bring the type of results that western medicine has been missing for years. Benefit from years of research and hands-on success to treat the root cause of diabetes today.

Clinically Proven Methods – Grounded in natural and holistic medicine that the big pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know because they can’t profit from it. Reverse Life-Threatening Effects – Discover a natural treatment to diabetes that is based on sound biomedical research, holistic medicine, and years of success with people just like you. Real World Results – Diabetes patients worldwide find effective alternatives to prescription drugs, finger pricks, and daily injections. Internationally Recognized Researcher Reverses Diabetes

Dr. Jacob Swilling is an internationally known research scientist, disease prevention expert, and author of many books including the new E-book “Cure Diabetes Naturally.” With more than 20 years research experience in biochemistry aimed at the prevention and treatment of chronic illness, cancer and degenerative disease, Dr. Swilling has made it his life-long goal to bring forward the clinical benefits of natural and holistic biological medicine.

Now you can benefit from what may be be the most advanced testing, evaluation and treatment of chronic disease today. Dr. Swilling’s work in the field of biological medicine developed into a working model for over ten years at the Genesis West Clinic located in Baja California, Mexico. Today, at the “Know Your Options Center” in Southern California, Dr. Swilling consults with hundreds of patients that have taken a more natural and active part in reversing diabetes, cancer and other deadly diseases.

Extensive research and real world success has made Dr. Swilling an in-demand keynote speaker at health conventions world wide. He has been a guest on radio and TV stations and his articles on degenerative disease prevention have been published in magazines such as Explore, Natural Health Magazine, and many more. In addition to the new E-book “Cure Diabetes Naturally”, Dr. Swilling has published a number of other popular books including Minerals: Key to Vibrant Health and Life Force, Cancer Self-Help Support Program for Cancer Patients, and Beyond Chelation for Heart Disease Patients.

Take Control, NOW!

Now is the time to take control of your diabetes with natural and holistic approaches that are grounded in extensive biomedical research and practice. “Cure Diabetes Naturally” by Dr. Jacob Swilling gives you everything you need to know to manage and treat diabetes without the need for pharmaceutical drugs and injections.

Use this easy bedside technique (on page 78) whenever you awake to prevent an insulin reaction during the night. Is your thyroid asleep? These common everyday foods (see page 31) suppress thyroid function unless they are well prepared. Reduce your risks! If breakfast includes these 3 nutrients, digestion takes place slowly and sugar trickles into the blood, giving a sustained pickup hour after hour. See page 21 of Cure Diabetes Naturally. Relieve your stress! Stress raises glucose levels regardless of how good your diet is. And it triggers unconscious eating. This easy exercise can restore autonomic balance. Stress is not possible under these conditions. Page 68. His physician described it as miraculous! He noticed change in his reaction to insulin the first week the patient followed this revised diet, and his insulin was discontinued a month later. Page 78. Testimonial

My fasting blood sugar count was 218, came down to 144 and is now 120. I am very happy with these improvements….I have lost over 40 pounds. My energy level is way up. I feel great. I try and exercise most days at least 30 minutes and usually do for 45 or 50 minutes. Thanks for all of your help.

– Judy S.


Before starting your program I exercised, and watched my carbohydrate intake, same as now, and my blood sugar readings were way above normal. My blood sugar readings are now more in the normal range. I now have more energy and feel better. Basically the only thing I changed was that I started your program.. Hopefully, my A1c will keep dropping and the weight will follow

– From Cheryl K. in Missouri

Western Medicine is Failing to Cure Diabetes

Traditional western approaches to treating diabetes have not been successful in fighting the life-threatening effects of the disease for millions of people world wide. Nearly 28 million people are diagnosed with diabetes currently in the U.S. — over 220 million in the world. What’s more, about 7 million have the disease but are undiagnosed. Bottom line: about ½ million people in the United States die of diabetes each year.

Clearly, something must be done to reverse the debilitating effects of diabetes world wide. Western medicine has failed to provide a cure.

“Cure Diabetes Naturally” by Dr. Jacob Swilling is a self-help diabetes solution – a natural treatment to diabetes. If you’re tired of the chronic complications of diabetes, the constant finger pricks or the daily injections, then now is the time to act!

Cure Diabetes Naturally Gives You Control over Diabetes

More and more people are discovering that a natural treatment is the answer to take control of diabetes ” — an answer that big pharmaceutical companies and health care providers are not talking about. Why? Because it works without the need for expensive prescription drugs and costly doctor visits. The truth is that the gains to be made with alternative medicine are simply not in their business interests.

Do Vitamins really help? Diabetic patients who took this vitamin (see page 8) on a daily basis showed remarkable improvement and many were taken entirely off insulin!. Get your fat moving! This over-the-counter product is excellent for emulsifying fat and important in preventing and correcting diabetes. Page 44. Not all carbs are created equal! Slash your diabetes risk simply by replacing some of the fast carbs in your diet with these healing slow carbs (see page 13). Egg-cellence! Personal studies have demonstrated that organic eggs included in breakfast, along with frequent small amounts of a this nutritional drink every three hours help achieve a more stable blood sugar throughout the day. See pages 18-20.

People are realizing that natural treatments are an effective choice for chronic diseases like diabetes. As a result the prevalence of alternative medicine continues to increase every year. In the United States, approximately 38% of adults (about 4 in 10) and approximately 12% of children (about 1 in 9) are using some form alternative treatment. Indeed, according to statistics released in July 2009 from a nationwide government survey, U.S. adults spent $33.9 billion out-of-pocket on complementary and alternative medicine.

“Cure Diabetes Naturally” by Dr. Jacob Swilling is an alternative medicine breakthrough that will treat the root cause of diabetes. By treating the source of diabetes with natural biomedical techniques, Dr. Swilling provides you with a roadmap to take control of your health…naturally, without pharmaceuticals, pills and pricks.

Take control today! Download the E-book instantly. Only $47.00

Proven Patient Results

Don’t just take our word for it. Over the last 25 years, Dr. Swilling has worked with hundreds of patients combining the best of allopathic and natural medicine to resolve imbalances in their biochemistry, bolster their immune systems, and reverse trends towards illness and disease.

Here are just a few of his patients that will tell you about their enormous sense of freedom and good health after following the methods of his system.


It’s been 30 days now and this morning my reading was 114 and I am so thankful. I have stuck to your guidelines and am walking at least one mile a day and my weight has gone from 189 to 174.

Thank you and please be aware I came to you desperate and full of doubt. I have dropped the doubt and the desperation has evaporated. I am now full of hope and genuine appreciation for your efforts and your support.

Once again much thanks and appreciation.

– Paul M.


I am not on any kind of medications at this time but I was warned by my doctor that either I get the blood sugar down or else. I have gone from 133 to 103 by following your diet guidelines …. I also lost eight pounds and all this was in approximately 2-1/2 to 3 weeks. I also do feel better and more energized.

All the information you sent was very helpful and professional. You were recommended by a person who follows your program and now I am a believer also. Feeling good is GREAT.

– Dinah W.


I started keeping a daily log of my blood sugar readings three months ago. My readings were mostly in the 350 to 240 range for the first 2 or 3 weeks….

I have been following your protocol for the most part but not always as I should. I can tell the difference when I do though. Anyways, I am thrilled to report that now my readings have hit 100! Yea! I can’t tell you how happy I am. I can’t wait to be able to get rid of the Glucovance. I hate taking drugs.

Oh yeah, I have lost and kept off 30 to 35 lbs. over the past 8 months, and that’s without an exercise program. I plan to start walking regularly again… and I hope to lose another 35 to 40 lbs.

Thanks for everything!

– Nichol O.


When I started your program I was a little skeptical. My morning numbers were about 300, afternoon numbers were in the 200 range and my A1c was 8.7.

I’ve been on the program and in three weeks my numbers are 120 in the morning and in the 80’s in the evening. I was taking 2000 mg every morning of Metformin. I am down to 500 mg now and next week I will not take any.

My energy level is 10 times what is was a month ago. This is the best I have felt in a very long time. Thanks so much for a great program.

– From Ed H. in Minnesota


I’ve been on your program for about three months my sugar was running 150-175. Now it is staying between 99-117 and I have more pep as well.

I was taking 25 units of insulin but now I have dropped it to 5 units along with taking Metformin, but my sugar is staying down with far less insulin.

Thanks so much for helping me.

– Shannon D.


I have recently bought your book on diabetes, I found it enlightening and most informative. I want to thank you for writing such a useful book on the subject. I am a diabetic type 2 and I have read many books on diabetes but none as good as yours….

– Regards,


In the fall of 2010, I was feeling really lethargic, weak and gaining a lot of weight. I went to my doctor and got some blood tests done. When I got the labs back from my doctor I found out my blood sugar A1c level was 6.8, which meant I was diabetic. He then prescribed Metformin at a high dose but that caused a lot of bad side effects, so I searched online and found your diabetes book….

I followed your program pretty thoroughly. It is now 4 months later and according to your guidelines I got my lab work done and to everybody’s surprise the A1c level had dropped to 4.7! That isn’t even a PRE-Diabetic level! The doctors couldn’t believe it and just said keep doing what you are doing.

While I was following your guidelines, I was monitoring my daily blood sugar levels and the average reading was around 85-99. Sometimes it would spike to a higher level after I ate certain meals, but that didn’t mean much because the A1c was the true test of what the blood sugar level was for the 4 month time period.

…I lost a total of 43 lbs! … Right now, I am just a few pounds over my ideal body weight.

I can honestly say your program saved my life.

– From Brian B. in California


I heartily endorse your program that is assisting me with my blood glucose.

I had a stroke a few years ago and during my stay in the hospital it was discovered that I had Type II diabetes. At that time my blood glucose averaged around 220.

I was taking 4 units of insulin 3 times a day. About 4 months later I was introduced to you by a friend.

It took about 3 months before I felt any relief from insulin injections. I noticed a decrease in the amount of insulin taken to about once every 2 or 3 days. After about 7 months I was taking insulin maybe once a month when I over ate on bad foods. I limit my daily intake of carbohydrates.

I have not taken any insulin for 4 weeks now and I am very happy about that as I am a firm believer in organic foods. My A1c tests have been remarkable and my doctor was amazed when I described your program. My last blood sugar test was 111 at the Veteran’s Hospital.

– Mike B.


To be honest I was refusing to take prescribed medication. My blood sugar level ranged from 140s down to around 115. Two weeks ago, I started your program.

This works tremendously good for me. Since these two weeks my highest blood sugar reading is 92 and I lost 4 pounds so far. I followed the program 95 percent not 100 percent. I am very pleased with the program and I will recommend it to anyone I know with diabetes. Thanks.

– Todd R.


I want you to know am now into my 4th month on your program. My A1c on my last doctor’s visit was 6.4. That’s better than it was when I was taking 3 different Type 2 diabetes medications!

I have lost an additional 10 pounds, am feeling great, and have lots more energy. My additional lost weight has also enabled me to stop taking cholesterol and blood pressure medications! Looking forward to even more success in the future!

– Theresa S.

You Can’t Afford Not To Get This E-book!

Cure Diabetes NaturallyThink about all the money you have spent on doctor visits, co-payments, prescriptions, and out-of-pocket expenses. For a fraction of that cost you can download “Cure Diabetes Naturally” by Dr. Jacob Swilling and begin to immediately take control of your diabetes. For a one-time price of $47.00 you can obtain life-saving information that you can use for the rest of your life.

If you’re interested in preventing and curing diabetes without pharmaceuticals and expensive treatments then now is the time to act.

And while many books on the market are available only in hard-copy form, requiring paper, printing and shipping, we are providing you “Cure Diabetes Naturally” as an E-book.

No waiting for delivery and we pass along the savings to you. Download it instantly.

This program gives you the lifesaving information you need to take charge of your health and reverse Diabetes WITHOUT harmful drugs. This information is strongly supported by many researchers and world-class doctors around the world.

Controlling blood sugar levels is not as hard as it seems if you give your body what it needs and remove the chemicals that block your recovery.

Rid your body of toxins! The simple treatment described on page 91 rids the body of toxins, heavy metals, plaque and metabolic wastes from the blood stream, improves overall circulatory functioning and lessens free radical damage. Diabetics are loaded with toxic waste! So every effort should be made to remove chemical toxicity and infection. Both are often located in dangerous concentration in this part the body (see page 48). Detox your liver. These household 4 nutrients detoxify the liver allowing it to heal and restore energy production! See page 31.

Reversing Diabetes is quite straightforward when you focus on the root cause of the disease. The only reason people can’t manage Diabetes is because: 1) they don’t know the information contained in this E-book, and 2) they are constantly reminded by western medicine that drugs are the only solution.

It’s time to stop poisoning yourself! It’s time to escape the “Diabetes Trap”!
All you have to do is get this E-book and start your journey to Natural Health!

Download “Cure Diabetes Naturally” instantly for only $47.00

60 Day Money Back Guarantee:

You can download “Cure Diabetes Naturally” today absolutely risk free. We want to make sure that you go through all the material and use the suggestions to manage your diabetes. If you don’t find Dr. Swilling’s natural and holistic techniques provide valuable information to effectively manage diabetes, simply return it within 60 days for a full refund. There is absolutely no risk on your part.

If you Order Now, you will also get the following 6 eBooks (Total Value of $101.70) for absolutely free. The Bonus items are designed to give you more detail insight and tools necessary to get rid of diabetes forever.

Free Bonus #1
Food Lables and the FDA:
What They Mean to You!

A bag of chips, a jar of mayonnaise and a carton of orange juice; you toss them into the cart but do you even take a look at the food label on these items? And if you do, do you really understand what they mean? This book breaks down food labels into a simple format. Learn how to read a food label and what additives to look for and avoid. You will be amazed at what kinds of chemicals we ingest on a daily basis without realizing it!

$19.95 value Yours FREE!

Free Bonus #2
A Healthy Nutrition Program at Home:
Tips to Get You Eating Healthy.

When it comes to food, we often stumble across obstacles other than our unwillingness to eat healthy. Whether it’s your food budget or eating out, there are tips and tricks that will let you overcome all obstacles and stick to a healthy diet. Take a look at this booklet and you will be on your way to building your own Nutrition Program that will be your partner in maintaining your diabetes!

$15.95 value Yours FREE!

Free Bonus #3
Healthy Diabetic Meal Secrets

This booklet takes you beyond the foods you eat and focuses on how preparation, cooking methods, storage, and the utensils you use can literally take a perfectly healthy meal and turn it into toxic waste! Read on to learn great secrets on how to keep your food fresh and filled with as much nutrients as possible. The food you eat not only affects your diabetes but your family as well. Utilize these tips and tricks in your kitchen to ensure both are on the right track.

$19.95 value Yours FREE!

Free Bonus #4
pH Basics:
How It Directly Affects Your Blood Sugar Levels.

When we think of factors that determine our health we think about our food choices, level of activity and other habits that can negatively affect health. However, one vital factor we fail to recognize (because no one talks about it) is pH balance. It is directly related to healthy functioning & diabetic health. Find out why pH is so critical for optimal health. It may be just what you need to set your diabetes on the right track!

$19.95 value Yours FREE!

Free Bonus #5
Breath Away Your Stress:
Manage Your Sugar Levels Through Proper Breathing

Breathing and oxygen is often overlooked as a factor contributing to disease. On the contrary, proper breathing is vital for optimal cell functioning and overall health. Take a few minutes to read and practice the breathing techniques here and see what a difference they will make with your everyday stress levels.

$9.95 value Yours FREE!

Free Bonus #6
Water and Diabetes:
Essential Balance for Health

Water is the source of all life and proper hydration can work miracles in effectively managing diabetes. There’s more to learn about water than the recommended eight cups a day. By understanding the bountiful advantages of proper hydration you will be more empowered to put down that soda and pick up a nice refreshing bottle of water!

$15.95 value Yours FREE!

(Limited Time Offer — Now Only $47.00!)

You can begin to immediately treat the root cause of diabetes today. Get your copy of “Cure Diabetes Naturally” in this convenient downloadable format. Why wait? You have nothing to lose, plus you have a full two months to try the techniques, test the results, and see for yourself if your diabetes hasn’t dramatically improved. Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.

(Your personal information is 100% private, safe and secure and you
will get instant access to the information, even if it’s 2.00 AM.)

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