The Gluten Free Bible – An Insiders Guide To Going Gluten Free


Hi Gail,

I am so happy to have found your ebook it has had such a positive effect on my life.

Medically diagnosed with coeliac disease 3 months ago I have found it so hard to find a way to change my diet and way of life.

It was such a tiny investment to make, I could have chased my tail and spent like yourself thousands of dollars and still found it hard to adjust.

Your ebook has provided me with the answers and ways to become totally gluten free and I have now like the title suggests made it my bible.

Thank you so much for being so thorough in your studies and willing to share them with me. I cannot thank you enough.

Ryan Powell, Brisbane, QLD


How I avoid making these simple mistakes when eating gluten free – and now you can as well! The 5 biggest mistakes people make when starting to eat gluten free (and how YOU can avoid them)3 questions you must ask the chef when you are eating out – so you can relax and enjoy your meal How to easily stay gluten free when your family doesn’t need (or want!) toLife without gluten doesn’t have to be boring – Discover a world of tasty gluten free alternatives. You’ll love these tasty gluten free alternatives
A REVOLUTIONARY breakthrough for those who want to eat gluten freeDon’t even consider starting a gluten free diet until you read this nutritionist approved guide… or risk making these critical mistakes

I have been trying to eat gluten free for years, and it is so confusing trying to work out the difference between gluten intolerance, celiac disease and all the other types of gluten problems!

The Gluten free Bible is such a great resource – it tells you exactly what you can eat, even down to the brands that are gluten free!

I am actually stunned as to the prevalence of gluten in things I wouldn’t have dreamed gluten was in! The section on how to avoid accidentally eating gluten is something I really didn’t know about.

This has saved me time, money and energy hunting for alternatives to everyday food staples.

Maria Leydon

Sydney Australia

From: Gail Bennell, Gluten Intolerant, and living Gluten Free for Over 7 years.

Dear Fellow Sufferer,

If you have ever worried that the bloating, gut pain, diarrhea, constipation, reflux or fatigue that you are experiencing might be caused by gluten…

Or if you are searching the internet for answers but feel overwhelmed by all the information on the net – and don’t know where to start?

This is a website about looking after your health, so that means need to tell you that I am not a medical doctor or a nutritionist, and that I can’t give you medical or nutritional advice. You should speak to your doctor or a dietician if you are not sure if a gluten free diet is right for you.

I have been living with painful and sometimes embarrassing effects of gluten intolerance for nearly 7 years now, and have been eating a gluten free diet for almost that long. So that means that I have firsthand experience in all of the ups and downs of living gluten free. I have

Struggled to find the answers to my chronic gut pain (without much medical support)I’ve accidentally eaten gluten –because I was too embarrassed to ask if it was gluten free, or didn’t think there would be any gluten in it.I’ve eaten gluten on purpose (sometimes because it looked and smelt too good to resist, and sometimes because I felt like I deserved to cheat!). And I have suffered the painful consequences of a bad gluten attack as a result…I’ve been out to eat only to find there is nothing on the menu I can eat, andBought expensive gluten free food that tasted like boring cardboard.Wished I could just lead a normal life, eating all the food I used to.

What does this mean for you? It means that all of the advice I am sharing with you is as a result of actually living gluten free – not just reading about it. I got sick of living my life with fear and pain, so I decided to do something about it, and educate myself. Now I want to share that information with you, so you don’t need to suffer like I did.

Let me explain…

I have been living with gluten intolerance for nearly 7 years now, and have been eating a gluten free diet for almost that long!

In actual fact, I’ve had the symptoms of gluten intolerance since I was a teenager (maybe longer!), but no one knew that my symptoms could be caused by something I ate every day – in cereals, toast, sandwiches, pasta, cakes and hidden in all sorts of foods that you wouldn’t expect it to be in.

Maybe you can understand where I am coming from here, but all I ever wanted was to fit in, to look good, and to be able to concentrate in class without needing to run to the toilet at awkward moments!

It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I started to make the link with what I was eating, and how I was feeling. In fact, it was when I stopped eating so much bread and other gluten containing products on one of those fad no carb diets, that I started to feel amazing for the first time!

It wasn’t until I stopped the fad diet, that I started to feel sick again, and my stomach swelled up so I looked like I was pregnant again. People were really starting to wonder!

I started to wonder if it was the food that I ate that was making me sick.

Well, I went to the doctor with the link that I had made between what I ate, and how I felt, expecting that they would be able to run some tests, and tell me what was wrong, and I’d be able to take a pill that would make me better. After all, that’s what doctor’s do – Right?

WRONG! What actually happened is my doctor looked at me like I was CRAZY, and told me it was all in my head! I left feeling quite stunned, and thinking that this one doctor didn’t know what he was talking about

So I went to another doctor, and another, and another. And each time, was just like the first time. Occasionally, one would give in send me for a blood test. By this time though, I was not eating bread or other high carb foods, so I wasn’t eating very much gluten anyway.

Of course, the blood tests came back negative. At best, the doctor would tell me I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and tell me to eat more fiber, like whole grain bread. Others would look at me helplessly, and say, well, just go home and deal with it. And the healthy high fiber, gluten filled diet made me feel even worse!

On average, it takes 6-10 years for someone with celiac disease to get diagnosed2?And there is no current test for ‘gluten intolerance’, although new scientific research shows that non-celiac gluten intolerance does exist4?That 1 in 133 Americans have celiac disease, but 3 out of 4 doesn’t know it?2That 1 in 10 people are affected by gluten – and most don’t know why!1It only takes 0.1 grams of gluten (that’s 1/48th of a slice of bread) to damage your intestines?6

So I started to do my own research. What’s the first thing you would do? Go to the internet, right?

I don’t know about you… but pretty quickly I had an overwhelming-information-overload! And it seemed I was more confused than before I started…

Don’t get me wrong – there was lots of great information, but it was spread out all over the place across so many different websites — PLUS — it seemed like most of the info was for people who had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, not for people like me, who wanted to be gluten free, but hadn’t had an “official diagnosis” yet.

Nothing wrong with that, Celiac Disease is a very serious illness – BUT all I wanted was information that was written for people that had gluten intolerance.

Thanks, Gail, for explaining so simply and clearly the difference between Celiac Disease, Wheat allergy and Wheat intolerance … and how to be tested to find out which is which! I didn’t know where to start when my doctor put me on a gluten free diet for a six week trial, so I was excited to find your website.

Your lists of hidden sources of gluten to avoid, and suggestions for foods I could eat in their place have been invaluable, and your three day menu plan a great place to start. Your guide to choosing food to eat when out really saved me! What a trap that can be! As a vegetarian it was great to know some of the hidden sources of gluten in places I wouldn’t have expected to find it!

Thanks so much for making this transition to gluten free eating so much easier to make!

Shirley Alsop, Melbourne, Australia.

I even tried to leave messages on gluten free forums, but the people there were so mean to me, that I felt like my condition wasn’t serious enough to discuss.

Do you know what I mean? I remember thinking…

Anyway… let me save you the trouble (and the many brain draining hours in front of the computer) because to my knowledge, there wasn’t such a resource!

If you’re happy to spend the time patching it all together, like I did, then be prepared to feel frustrated, stressed, worried, confused, agitated and angry!

And that’s only on the first day! I spent a good solid week putting all the info together!

I discovered (though months of painful trial and error) that the thing in all the foods that was making me sick was something called gluten, and I started avoiding all the foods that this was in. Or so I thought!

Every now and then, I’d start experiencing the same symptoms as before, and have to go and search through everything I had eaten. To make this easier, I started writing down everything I ate, so I could accurately go back and check.

And would you believe, every time there was something with gluten lurking in it. I couldn’t believe how often I made these simple mistakes.

But I digress. Moving on… so the good news was that by writing everything down told me that it wasn’t in my head, and something was actually causing my real symptoms!

Back to the bottomless pit of scattered information…

None of them answered these problems I had:

What if I went out and there wasn’t anything I could eat?How can I save money on gluten free products – that don’t taste like cardboard…(did you know on average, gluten free products are 242% dearer3 than regular products?)Feeling guilty when I ‘cheated’ on my diet, and made myself sick I love food – I didn’t want to miss out on my favorite foodsNagging my friends every time I went to visit to make sure the food was safe (my worst nightmare is arriving to find my friend has labored over a lovely homemade lasagna – and I can’t eat a single bite!)And I had many others fears and worries…

You wouldn’t think it would be too hard to find quality information right? Hmmmmmm…..

So I gathered as much “relevant” (so I thought) information as I could and I started the journey…

I’m going to press the fast forward button here, because once I finally discovered all of the hidden sources of gluten that were making me sick…

Eventually, I had no more pain. No need to carry a change of underwear. No more awkward questions about when my baby was due

And I wanted to save you from the endless months of pain as you discover yet another favorite food is poisoning you




Hi Gail,

I am so happy to have found your ebook it has had such a positive effect on my life.

Medically diagnosed with coeliac disease 3 months ago I have found it so hard to find a way to change my diet and way of life.

The tiny investment of $37 was such a tiny price to pay for such a resourceful ebook. I could have chased my tail and spent like yourself thousands of dollars and still found it hard to adjust.

Your ebook has provided me with the answers and ways to become totally gluten free and I have now like the title suggests made it my bible.

Thank you so much for being so thorough in your studies and willing to share them with me. I cannot thank you enough.

Ryan Powell, Brisbane, QLD

What gluten is, and where to find it – so you can stop wondering if you accidentally ate some gluten (pg 12)The difference between gluten and wheat intolerance – and how to tell if you are avoiding the right foods (pg 6)Symptoms of gluten intolerance, celiac disease and wheat intolerance – so you know exactly which foods could affect you (pg 10)7 ways to eat gluten free without breaking the bank – save heaps on gluten free products with these simple tricks (pg 21)What foods you can eat (and there is plenty to choose from!) (pg 15)Revealed –gluten free food for vegetarians – make sure you avoid these popular, gluten filled vegetarian treats (pg 14)A DIY recipe for gluten free bread – that doesn’t need toasting, and doesn’t taste like cardboard!( Pg 22)27 common foods you should avoid to stay gluten free – steer clear of these at all costs! (pg 13)3 days of meal plans to help you get started eating gluten free (pg 26)7 things the chef may not know about preparing gluten free food – how to enjoy eating out without the dangers (pg 16)1 page shopping list to take to the supermarket – never be caught out again (pg 25)A quick guide to gluten free products – so you can shop quickly and easily (pg 20)




I have suffered for many years from a number of food allergies and intolerances, one of which is being gluten intolerant. I have

avoided so many different types of food for so long, thinking that I was doing the right thing and wondering why I seldom felt 100% healthy.

But now I can see why, after reading The Gluten Free Bible, it all makes so much more sense. It explains everything so clearly and is

easy to read. I now fully understand the differences between gluten, wheat intolerance and celiac disease. I wish I had known earlier, it would have saved me a lot

of time and trouble and I would have had better health.

I would highly recommend this ebook, The Gluten Free Bible, even if you are not gluten intolerant it will help you understand others who


Mara Egan, Gold Coast, Australia.


I wish I had read The Gluten Free Bible a few years ago when a friend of mind visited from Sweden who is Gluten intolerant! It would have given me the perfect

insight of how to deal and handle this condition.

This book is fantastic and gives you every detail that you ever need to know about gluten in all forms and manner!

I very highly recommend The Gluten Free Bible to everyone who has any worries about gluten.

Thank You, Gail Bennell, for providing such an important and well written resource!

I am sure many, many people will benefit from your book!

I love the pages with the menus, tables and the recipes! Absolutely fantastic! Couldn’t get a better ebook…

Dunja Thamm, Kingaroy, Australia



I struggled for years with weight issues…! I just didn’t understand- I didn’t eat junk food and I exercised every day… but I couldn’t lose weight!! In fact I

would diet and put on weight! After reading this ebook, I was delighted to discover that the reason I had these weight problems was because my body couldn’t break

down ‘Gluten’! After implementing the new gluten free diet, and recipes in this ebook I began to lose weight! I was amazed at how quickly I lost weight, after

trying for years, and how much lighter and healthier I felt!’

Annette Miller Gold Coast



I started buying gluten free products about 3 years ago when I had a live blood analysis done. My baby was 2 years old and I was feeling tired all the time. The

homeopath put me on a detox which included cutting all wheat and gluten out of my diet. After 3 months my joints felt so much looser and freed up. Anyway, since

then I have excluded wheat and gluten from my diet. I don’t carry any extra weight and don’t get bloated or lethargic like I used to. I also used to feel foggy or

vague before I changed my diet.

I found your ebook very informative and easy to read. There are a lot of people out there who, like me, are not coeliac but they would be much better off on a

gluten free diet. This ebook makes it so much easier to live gluten free. Thanks Gail!

Sharon Millington, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Carrara, Australia



When I first started eating gluten free, I was really worried that I was making mistakes, and accidentally poisoning myself with gluten.

In fact, I would often experience the same old symptoms again, for what seemed like no reason, until I discovered yet another place that gluten could be hidden.

There seemed to be so many setbacks, each time just as bad (actually, as I began to recover from the effects of gluten, each time was WORSE THAN THE LAST!)

There were so many things I was worried about, like

What can I eat?My friends won’t want to invite me over because I am too hard to feedI won’t be able to eat out ever again!Is accidentally eating gluten causing permanent damage?I just wanted my jeans to fit me the whole day!

And I just wanted to get on with my life, and stop worrying about what I could eat!

You could lose weight – eating less gluten containing products can help you lose weightYou could gain weight – your body might absorb nutrients more efficiently. Watch out for gluten free treats – just because they are gluten free does not always mean healthy!You might not get enough vitamins – The Gluten Free Bible will help you make sure you eat a variety of the right foods to make sure you get enough vitaminsThe Gluten Free Bible is available in an ebook – it’s a downloadable book, so you get access to all of the valuable information in it – immediately!You can print out all of The Gluten Free Bible to read, or choose to print the chapters you need to read, or carry with you – such as the chapter on gluten free brands, or avoiding gluten when dining out. You don’t need to lug an entire book around with you when you only want to refer to a few pages!

You’ll love this bonus because:

It’s for your family and friends – quickly let your friends and family know what you can and can’t eat so you can feel safe eating meals they have prepared! You can give this to your friends, family, and anyone else that prepares meals for you – so you don’t have to tell them what you can eat every single timeYour friends and family will have an easy reference to gluten free meals – you won’t have to feel guilty nagging themIt includes tips and tricks to help them avoid the simple mistakes of preparing gluten free meals – so you know that they won’t accidentally add gluten flour to an otherwise safe mealIt has gluten main meal and dessert suggestions, complete with tips for converting regular meals to gluten free meals – your friends and family will feel confident that they can prepare regular food that is gluten free – without learning new recipesIt’s completely customisable, so you can add your favorite local brands and favorite meals!

Free Bonus Gift # 2

“Gail’s Gluten Free Journey”

You’ll love this bonus because

It’s an actual account of my journey into eating gluten free – you’ll discover exactly how I learnt I need to eat gluten free, and the challenges and triumphs I had when learning to eat gluten free (you’ll find out the horrific day when I really understood I needed to eat gluten free….)You’ll discover all the mistakes I made when starting out gluten freeSee the pain (and embarrassment!) that I experienced – so you can avoid it tooSee the coping strategies I used to overcome the mental barriers to eating gluten free – and use them for yourselfSee how I educated my fiancé in eating gluten free – Discover how I turned him into my biggest gluten free advocate
Discover how we prepare and serve meals that cater for gluten and non-gluten free diets – yes, you can share a kitchen, and live a normal life.

Free Bonus Gift #3

FREE BONUS #3: “Living a Healthy Gluten Free Lifestyle“

Yours to keep – FREE!

This amazing bonus is all about improving your health, and making the most of the life you have.

You’ll discover:

How to choose a healthy lifestyle, even though you are living gluten free! Which gluten free foods to eat to have more energy, so you can get on with your life
How to reduce the stress of eating gluten free, so you can focus on what is important to youHow to choose healthy gluten free foods – so you can reduce the health risks that come from eating unhealthy foods

Well – that’s the best part – the price, and to be honest with you, if I added up all the countless hours and hard work that I have poured into this guidebook, then I’d have to charge you thousands of dollars in labor time!  And the information in this eBook is going to save you countless hours searching the internet, deciphering articles (which are often inaccurate) and  it will help you avoid the unwanted, painful embarrassing side effects of accidentally eating gluten.  Not to mention the stress of not being 100% sure that you are eating gluten free, and the guilt when you discover something you thought was gluten free actually wasn’t.

I don’t know about you, but I used to spend way more than $37 on gluten free food every month (sometimes every week!)… So I am sure you’d agree… $37 is a tiny investment to ensure that you avoid all the sources of gluten in your diet – to make sure that you are healthy and symptom free – right? Thought so…

But here’s another little surprise for you… Since this is all fresh new cutting edge information – being the launch of my ebook… I’d like to give you an extra special bonus just as a way of saying thank you for reading this far…


Free email access to me for 12 months!

You’ll love this bonus because

You’ll get my exclusive email address so you can ask me all of your unanswered gluten free questions!Any time! Any questions you might have, no matter how silly you think the question is (There’s no such thing as a silly question – so ask me anyway!)

Why 50? Because I have a family and a ‘normal’ life outside work that I still need to nurture and maintain. Any more than 50 people on top of this will start to cut into my family time, and that’s not what I am about. So whoever the lucky, intelligent people are, then take my word for it…you will get my undivided attention (hopefully that’s you!)

Click Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank

This ebook is sold through Your purchase is guaranteed by ClickBank’s official return policy as follows:

ClickBank will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase. For recurring billing products, returns for more than one payment may be provided if requested within the standard 60 day return period. After 60 days all sales are final.””

This means that if you are unhappy with your purchase of The Gluten Free Bible for any reason within 60 days of purchasing it, ClickBank will refund your money, no questions asked.

So, there you have it,

You’ve really got nothing to lose, right?

If you’re like me… I wanted to make sure that I had all the information on hand to make sure that I can confidently eat gluten free food, and know that I am not accidentally poisoning myself with hidden gluten.

With the information included in this ebook, you can be assured that you will be equipped to avoid gluten, and be confident that you can avoid the bloating, gut pain or other painful and embarrassing side effects of accidentally eating gluten.

Just one food item with hidden gluten could be undoing your entire gluten free diet, and it could be in anything that you are putting in your mouth!

Anyway, you’ll really appreciate the trouble I’ve gone to put all this information together for you. So if you want an “all in one” easy guide for eating gluten free, then all you need to do is simply click the order button. What are you waiting for?

My friends told me I was crazy for doing this…

“What are you doing Gail? People on the internet are just going to rip you off – buy your ebook – get all of your great information- and then ask for their money back and laugh all the way” – Warned my friends…

But you know what? I’m choosing to believe that the majority of people out there are good hearted and wouldn’t do that to me! Call me naive, but I’m sure that the “good people” people in the world will appreciate this ebook and not be deceitful like that.

So let’s recap what you’re going to get…



So if you value your health, and want to start enjoying food again without fear of eating the wrong thing then go ahead and click the order button right now, and get your hands on a copy of “The Gluten Free Bible (An Insider’s Guide to Going Gluten Free)…What are you waiting for?

And I really wish and hope that you have the same success as I have in living a fantastic gluten free diet

All the best…

Gail Bennell

P.S. So if you are serious about living a gluten free lifestyle… And you want the all in one beginners guide…And ALL the Bonuses …then you are just moments away from having it ALL (and more) at your fingertips for only $37

P.P.S. Don’t forget – 50 lucky people can take advantage of exclusive access to my private email address so you can ask me all the pressing gluten free questions you have (That alone is worth $497!) Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!

P.P.P.S Let me remind you that you are totally covered by my 100% “No Questions Asked – No Hassles” 60 day refund guarantee! So there is no risk on your part at all. What are you waiting for? Enjoy!


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