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Color Star Diet

You will also identify your dominant gland -the one that makes you accumulate fat in certain body areas- as well as how to counter it to shape your figure.
If you store fat in your legs and hips, your need to eat certain foods, while if you store it in the abdomen you need different menus. Discover your body type and eliminate fat in specific zones through a healthy and natural diet.
By buying the book, you get access to a personalized diet, designed specially for you according to your height, weight, and physical activity. You will also learn eating habits by choosing the right food and preparing your own meals with exciting recipes. Watch how you start losing weight in a healthy natural way.
Reaching our goals requires an unconscious mental programming to help visualize what we desire. Past failures are due to self-destructing conducts. You get what you do not what by thinking about it. Rather, change negative thoughts for positive affirmations and you will attract what you wish so. Through Neurolinguistic Programming techniques, you will gain the most effective tools for losing weight and change your body forever.

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